How You Can Use Wood in Remodeling Your Bathroom


If something is thinking about woodwork in a house, the bathroom is commonly not a part of it. Regardless, there are a few number of ideas that could lead you to think about using wood rather than the commonly utilized materials.


The surface of the bathroom that has been given least consideration that includes wood is the ceiling. Nonetheless, by putting natural looking boards, you create a pleasant rustic feel to the room with Saugus woodworking. Those boards that have been cured with urethane or linseed oil are ideal to prevent probable moisture problems. Linseed oil can help the wood avoid damages due to water and is a natural substance. Often times, polyurethane (which is generally known as urethan) is used on decks and docks to hinder rotting and twisting. Place a secondary layer in between the boards and the joists to keep the joists away from any damages. A 15-pound tar paper placed on that spot will allow the joists to remain dry. The tar paper goes about as a hindrance between the boards and the joists to keep the joists from rotting due to moisture; it stays inconspicuous beneath the surface. As usual, utilize a fan to assist the evaporation.

The place that generally many individuals will not imagine to have surfaces made of wood is the shower area. Nonetheless, it will function great where there is a regular shift from wet and dry like decks or docks. You need to again make sure that, same as the the roof boards, the pieces are safeguarded with linseed oil or urethane. You can likewise create a new look to your shower floor by putting it right above the current tile Saugus cabinetry. A few choices are available for the wood with this thought. Douglas fir, pine and cedar can be utilized.

Additionally, you can expand the idea of placing wood in the shower to the bathroom itself. On the off chance that woodwork is incorporated in your entire home, it can synchronize your bathroom into this style. Utilizing a tongue and groove board is ideal in this case to help shield the moisture from leaking through. Prior to installing the boards, a lining must be laid on the floor to protect the foundation from water.

Depth and texture can be added to the room by installing decorative cabinetry on the wall. Even though in case you only want to place it on one wall, it is quicker and cleaner rather than repainting the entire surface, and not much of a stretch to do too. Just like cement and green boards, softwoods like white pines are also strong. Protecting it from moisture is through utilizing urethane.

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